Private Student Loan Settlement: The Client Perspective

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If you’re wondering if private student loans can be settled, the following is a testimonial that was sent to me by a recent client. This person did a very good job of encapsulating the MyCreditCounselor.net private student loan settlement experience, and I thought it would be informative for anyone who is considering hiring me. For privacy purposes I am not listing the clients’ name.

This person was a great client who was extremely well informed; and they did a great deal of research prior to hiring me. They were very responsive and followed all instructions down to the smallest detail, and the result was a perfectly executed settlement once I had finished negotiations. This settlement was also done with a collection law firm who was licensed in this clients’ cosigners’ state – which goes to show that very low settlements are still possible even with collection attorney firms, if the right tactics are used.

Another element of this settlement that made it successful is that I was negotiating with a supervisor at this law firm who I had settled with in the past, something that is becoming more and more common as my settlements pile up. Even with small collection law firms that only collect on accounts in individual states, there are now several that I’ve done multiple settlements with. 

Without further ado, here is one of the most well written testimonials I’ve ever received:

Prior to working with Andrew, I had an unsurmountable $158,000 in private student loan debt with Navient. The only payment plan I could afford to be on was for a monthly payment of $930/month with an expected payout of $279,000 over 25 years. The weight of this debt was pushing me into depression and keeping me from being financially and mentally able to live my life.

I set to scouring the internet for blogs and forums that would point me in a direction toward relief. For over a year, I met with and researched the strategies of numerous loan counselors, debt lawyers, and financial advisors across the US and began entertaining the idea of strategic default for my private loans. When I came across Andrew’s webpage, I knew his approach was unique.

Unlike other debt negotiators, Andrew promised he wouldn’t charge me for his time unless he achieved a desired outcome: a 45% settlement on my debt with Navient. Given my options, I decided to go through with the strategic default and over the next several months of this process, Andrew went above and beyond all of his promises, answering every single email at lightning speed, jumping on the phone with me- and multiple family members- at the drop of a hat, often doubling as an emotional counselor in addition to a loan counselor.

He is so familiar with the process that he foreshadowed the exact language I could expect in the letters I would receive from Navient which helped me feel ahead of the game through the entire process. There were no surprises or instances Andrew couldn’t explain- in lengthy detail at that. Less than 8 months after first contacting him, Andrew achieved a 40% settlement on my debt with Navient. My total payout came to $73,180.50 including Andrew’s negotiation fee- compared to $158,000! (Or really, $279,000 and 25 years of stress.) This successful settlement lifted an indescribable weight off my shoulders and truly has given me and my new husband a fresh start financially and emotionally.

What Andrew does can’t be easy– working with clients who feel they have everything to lose and instilling confidence in them to follow him into seemingly uncharted territory, managing relations with persistent lenders and collectors who couldn’t be more detached from their clients, all the while fielding calls and lengthy emails from concerned family members whose time or money are to be impacted by his actions. And yet, he achieves all these things with grace and humility, while making you feel like his most important client along the way.

No questions go unanswered, no alternatives unconsidered, and every instruction from him is clear and explicit. He is truly committed to your well-being and confidence in him. His model also makes him directly invested in saving you as much money as possible, which I have found in my research to not always be the case in this line of work.

I am still in regular contact with Andrew even though my settlement is over. He continues to advise me on how to rebuild my credit and manage my federal loans. I can’t recommend Andrew strongly enough. As someone who has investigated all other readily available options out there, I am confident that Andrew is your ticket to honest and reliable debt relief and financial freedom.

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About Andrew Weber, NACCC Certified Student Loan Counselor

Andrew Weber is a NACCC Certified Credit Counselor and a NACCC Certified Student Loan Counselor. He is the only certified student loan Counselor who specializes exclusively on private student loan issues in the US. He's helped hundreds of borrowers drastically reduce their debts.