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Struggling with defaulted accounts, collection threats, and damaged scores?

Or rising interest rates and higher payments?

Are you a cosigner who never imagined you'd have to take on this burden?

Andrew can help!

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Do you need help with defaulted private student loan?

I have helped hundreds of borrowers reach the ultimate goal of private student loan $0.

If you have defaulted private student loans, or are current and struggling with rising rates and payments - I can help.

You do not have to deal with damaged scores, collection threats, lawsuit threats, and phone harassment.

There is a way out.

How would your life be different with a $0 balance for your private student loans?

Resolving your defaulted private student loan is a way to take back control of your financial future.

You can take action to put this behind you.

You can put an end to worrying about collection lawsuits.

You can begin rebuilding your creditworthiness.


Through my unique and specialized strategies, industry relationships, and 14 years of experience; I will help you get rid of your private student loans once and for all.

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Who Makes a Good Candidate For Me To Partner With?

  • Someone who owes $3,000 or more in private student loans

  • Someone who can leverage or borrow funds, or use income, to work out a payoff¬†

  • Someone who is ready to take action and get rid of their defaulted private student loan forever.¬†

Meet Andrew Weber, Private Student Loan Expert

I am a nationally recognized student loan expert with multiple certifications who has been helping private student loan borrowers for over 10 years.

My unique strategies and methods have helped even the most difficult of cases find a way to resolve their private student loans and move on – forever. 

If there is a way – we will find the correct combination of strategies to get there. 

I am completely performance-based, which means that you only pay if I get results!

Imagine a life where you’re not worried about a lawsuit or getting harassed by collection calls, and are instead focused on building your personal finances, making investments, spending time with your family, or traveling the world. 

Imagine a life where you aren’t being held back by a high debt to income ratio (DTI) – allowing you to qualify for the house of your dreams

Imagine a life where you aren’t chained as a cosigner to someone else’s loan, that you never thought you would end up being primarily responsible for. 

All of these things are possible!

Andrew Weber - Mycreditcounselor

Close the gap between where you are now, and the life that you want to have. 


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    Wondering about forgiveness or cancellation from the government, lawsuits, or Validation/Disputes?

    • There will be no forgiveness of any private loans by the federal government. 
    • It is generally very difficult if not impossible, to get cancellation through FDCPA Validation (beware of firms making false promises with this)
    • The Navient lawsuit cancellation (affecting only 2% of all Navient private loan borrowers) has already been completed, with refunds and notifications sent in 2022.
    • There is no widespread cancellation or forgiveness for the majority of private loan borrowers - you need something that will actually work for you, and that you will qualify for!